Custom Homes

Exceptional Comox Valley custom home builder & designer. Offering full design & build services with extremely high standards with attention to detail.

Landscape Features

Landscape structures, essential to the design process providing scale & detail to your home. Hardscapes, pathways, fire pits or outdoor livings spaces.

Designs in Furniture

Unique bespoke designs using reclaimed Burma teak – in lamps & fixtures, furniture, home decor accent details and refreshed antique furniture.

Architect Services

Sustainable architect services available. Phi Ventures Ltd. has partnerships with local & international architects from New Zealand & Bangkok.

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to make your project succeed. We would love to work with you.

While client satisfaction is forefront in our practice, we strive to approach each project in a thoughtful way, offering a unique solution that fits the client’s needs while maintaining the fiscal parameters of the project. Based on the foundation of architecture, Phi Ventures is keenly aware of the need for an environmentally-conscious approach to design and encourages all of our clients to make responsible decisions for future generations. Phi Ventures believes in continued trade/product education and applies best building practises in all our projects.

At Phi Ventures we wear many hats – builder, designer, contractor, project manager, product developer and visionary. Today, Phi Ventures creates unique environments that are highly functional and exceptionally beautiful, with a commitment to quality and innovation, each of our homes is the result of careful listening, extensive pre-planning, exacting attention to detail, cost control and value for service.

Phi Ventures has loyal vendor and trade relationships that benefit our homeowners with remarkable craftsmanship and service for each unique home we build, right down to the smallest of details.

What my clients say about our work.

Wayne’s attention to the craftsmanship at levels was impeccable. This also includes the “behind the walls” attention to detail and quality construction that would normally not be seen by the home buyer. this ranges from the beyond code civil works and installation of the foundation, to the quality products used in the framing, to the fine detail and craftsmanship applied to even the simple design elements such as the accents on the staircase (hand crafted rosewood). His small crew is extremely professional and competent in all aspects of the construction (foundation to finishings), which even included the construction and installation of a 20m footbridge over a stream running through the property. When we were on site, you could tell his crew was appreciative of Waynes attention to detail, and high expectations of quality and workmanship. Even the small things mattered, such as tidying up and cleaning up the worksite after every day. When I see behaviours such as that, it shows that they are proud of their work, and it would flow to all aspects of their construction.

Our house was challenged with at the permitting stage requiring three levels of regulatory approvals (regional, provincial and federal), archeological studies, geotechnical studies, and environmental studies. Wayne and our environmental consultants stickhandled those all through a very convoluted government approval process.

We were provided numerous references that we all visited. The exemplary quality and high praise was given to us from his previous clients. As well, we called a number of his suppliers who all stated that he would give them plenty of notice on his material supply requirements and required delivery date. For us, that was extremely important as we had a development site that had limited laydown areas, so “just in time” delivery of materials was critical to maintaining an efficient crew. From what we experienced, I would be very comfortable is highly recommending his project management and general contractor skills. We were on site while many of the trades were present, and he only used trades that met his expectations for quality and workmanship too.

As we were in a different city during much of the construction, we relied on Wayne to keep us abreast of progress, changes and issues. He was always available by phone, text or email and sent us numerous photos during construction.

We are very pleased with our home, the quality and workmanship that went into it, and all aspects of Wayne’s management, design and construction skills.

James FongOwner

Wayne is a quality -minded professional that always puts his customers first. He only expects the best from his sub-trades and constantly delivers a beautiful job – whether it is a new build or remodel of an existing space.

Island Soapstone

Island SoapstoneSupplierIsland Soapstone

Here are some of the services we provide.


We are not only carpenters, we are home owners too. We excel in technical building projects and understand the complex environment influencing waterfront properties. We appreciate a well built home and our commitment is unmatched, that is what we do. We specialize in custom homes.


‘To create specifically detailed spaces and objects intimately connected to site and context, create vernacular minimalism based on the essence of form, the elegance of proportion and the refinement of hidden details.’


We are disciplined in planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals with  distinct technical skills and management strategies. Full service project management with focus on ‘attention to detail’.


Creating landscape features, embracing the elements of wood, stone, fire, water and light. Complete hardscape designs of outdoor rooms and furniture, covered gathering areas, shade scapes and garden accents  from design to production.

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